About Us

Comprehensive information for all

The internet has become an immense web of information. Finding quick, informative data and articles seems almost impossible given the sheer amount of time needed to piece together accurate information.

We seek to simplify the online research process by presenting comprehensive and easy-to-read data and sentiment analytics. Interactive graphs and straightforward pros and cons allow us to present important information clearly.

Reiteration and innovation

Our team believes in the importance of continuous research and advancement. Creating new strategies and increasing the accuracy of our statistics is a never-ending effort. We use up-to-date and innovative algorithms to provide powerful analyses and meaningful information. Sentiment analysis and search popularity are two of our main innovative, technological assets.

Educational resources

Credit should be given where credit is due. Our information is backed by citations and excerpts from credible websites and researchers. We in no way wish to pass off information as our own opinions or insights. All information provided is algorithmically collected and unbiased in nature.

WalletQuant simply presents publically available data and resources as a comprehensive report. We do not seek to discourage using certain services, only to provide consumers useful references. The information we gather and publish on our site is meant for educational purposes only.